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Back with another series for you!
Floor.workshop will be becoming a monthly class!

14 October & 18 November
$25/class. $50 for both.

*** to register, please email v.a.mackenzie@hotmail.com to confirm your spot.

This floor-focused class is good for all dancers who who wish to build the skills, strength and stamina to become more efficient when dancing close to the floor. It's great for standing-style dancers who want to work their ground moves, and great for breakers who want to approach fluidity and efficiency from another angle.

Class includes:
* training fundamentals for becoming an efficient floor ninja
* body surface and support point scans
* torsion/ wind up & unwind/ creation of momentum leading to dynamic movements
* upside-down training
* creative sequences

IMPORTANT: Please bring shoes and clothing to cover knees/shoulders/elbows. Tuque/hat is optional for those with sensitive tops of heads.

Victoria began dancing as a child and studied many styles (tap, jazz, ballet, gymnastics) until finding herself situated between the contemporary dance and breaking scenes. A natural mover and music lover, she has danced most of her life. She received her formation in dance from Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal in 2013 and has been breaking since 2008.

She has performed in contemporary dance/hip hop theatre/commercial shows and festivals internationally, performing for companies/artists such as Cirque du Soleil, Tentacle Tribe, the Body Slam Collective, Helen Simard, Alias Dance Project; and events such as Breakin' Convention, Summer Dance Forever, Panamania for PamAm Games, Street vs. Stage (Summerworks), Festival 100Lux, Tangente and Festival Quartiers Danses.

Since 2014 she has produced and performed two 30 minute solo works, which have been presented in Montreal and Toronto at Festival 100Lux, TUDS, Tangente, and Festival Quartiers Danses. TheStoryProject was created in 2014 and Identity Binding in 2017.

Her most recent works as choreographer include creations "The Three" for Rebels de la Soul (Toronto) and "Hexad Myriad" for Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal.

Victoria gives episodic workshops in Toronto and Montreal and continues to build her floor.workshop class (a dynamic floorwork class for dancers). She continually practices break and battles sporadically. 

Through her work with KeepRockinYou, she has facilitated breaking workshops, organized community events and battles, and spent time investing in elevating the b-girl scene in Toronto and Montreal.

In 2016 she joined the Canadian company Tentacle Tribe