• Matahari loft (map)
  • 1673 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
  • Montréal, QC, H2J 1Z5
  • Canada

Présenté par Taminator aka Triple C aka Lady Maddripp

W.A.R-Wild And Raw is the Canadian preselections for the reknowned event Illest International Battle that is happening in Paris each year. IIB is one of the 2 biggest Krump events in the world. Madrootz, a French Krump crew, had the idea a few years ago to create an event that would gather Krumpers around the world under one roof and make them go crazy…to see who would be the “Illest”. 
This year, we bring you the Canadian preselections, this is a first and we are really happy to give this opportunity to the Canadian Krump community!
Organized by Taminator